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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Doctoral Dissertation in progress

"The Stilitika episode and the Vote of Confidence"

Commencement date: December 21, 2021


This proposal studies the establishment of modern Greek parliament. Traces the long-term evolution of this institution into the Greek politics, and tries to analyse its impact on long-term socio-political development. Moreover, the present doctoral dissertation proposal will focus on the study of the parliamentary system during the period of its introduction and establishment into the Greek political system, from a legal, political, historical and comparative point of view. The purpose of the study is to approach the relevant issues, emphasizing on the study of institutions, their evolutionary formation and recording their political impact in the context of Greek and European political theory. The research will focus on the particular historical events that marked the evolutionary course of the parliamentary institution and led to the major fact of the proclamation of the Principle of Vote of Confidence of the Parliament (1875), with particular reference to the <<Stilitika>> episode. Also, the research will seek to analyze the political and legal framework as it was formed at the time before. More specifically, the system of the Reigning Republic and the Constitution of 1864, with particular reference to the pioneering constitutional arrangements of universal suffrage and the principle of popular sovereignty. Next the research analyzes , the two-party system and the romantic turn towards nationalism, as well as the decisive role of Ch. Trikoupis and Th. Diligiannis in shaping parliamentarism, political responsibility and the responsibility of ministers.