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Department of Political Science and Public Administration

ΔΕΙΤΕ ΣΤΗΝ ΕΝΟΤΗΤΑ: Specialisation Core Courses |Specialisation Elective Courses |


5th semester

42565ΕInternational Relations P. Tsakonas, Ek. Athanassopoulou
42567ΕInternational Public Law Emm. Doussis, Il. Plakokefalos

6th semester

42603ΝInternational Organization Emm. Doussis
42833Theory of European Integration D. Chryssochoou

7th semester

42750International Economic Relations D. Katsikas
42856Comparative Analysis of European Political Systems M. Tsinisizelis, S. Verney, P. Panayiotopoulos

8th semester

42857European Integration Law Ant. Metaxas
42862E.U. Policies N. Maravegias, I. Doukas