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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


With commencement date since 22/6/2021

Stylianos AvdelidisStaffing policy in social services in Greece during the period between 1994-2024: structural issues and inadequaciesD. SotiropoulosCh. Chryssanthakis, M.-El. Pravita01/03/2024
Georgios SolomonidisSubject, Desire and History: Deleuze and LacanK. LeledakisY. Stavrakakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), G. Kakoliris (Dept of Philosophy, NKUA)16/01/2024
Stavroula-Eleni ChristofilopoulouThe motherhood penalty in Greece. An analysis of work- life balance policiesC. SpanouV. Lalioti, M. Lampropoulou16/01/2024
Eleni PrountzouThe impact of faculty members on public administrationM.-El. PravitaC. Spanou, M. Lampropoulou16/01/2024
Petros TryphonidesThe Political Economy of Compliance with Financial Action Task Force Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Standards: The Case of the European UnionD. KatsikasSt. Ladi (Panteion University), Ant. Metaxas16/01/2024
Ioanna-Maria MeletiadouCountering Human Trafficking in the Digital Era: The use and abuse of technologyIl. PlakokefalosEmm. Doussis, Ek. Athanassopoulou16/01/2024
Maria KokolinaNew Intergovernmentalism and European Integration: A Study in Migration and Refugee Crises, 2012-2022D. ChryssochoouSp. Blavoukos (Athens University of Economics and Business), Ant. Metaxas16/01/2024
Liu (Persephone) FanBlack swan event: Brexit, European Union, and E.U.-China relationsM. TsinisizelisD. Chryssochoou, Ant. Metaxas12/07/2023
Dimitrios KalogiannisPermanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) as a catalyst for the EU to achieve Strategic Autonomy.P. TsakonasD. Chryssochoou, M. Koppa (Panteion University)12/07/2023
Christos FotoglidisThe future belongs to us: From mobilization on the Cyprus issue to the Political Spring. The conservative youth in Greece 1960-1993L. RoriD. Sotiropoulos, Eir. Karamouzi (University of Sheffield)04/04/2023
Marios VottisRadicalisation, violent Extremism and the State: The cultural characteristics of the clash in Greece of MetapolitefsiP. TsakonasL. Rori, P. Panayiotopoulos20/12/2022
Aikaterini DimitriadiThe role of NGOs towards inclusive and networked cultural multilateralism: the case of the Blue ShieldAnt. ZervakiZ. Lialiouti, K. Chainoglo (University of Macedonia)20/12/2022
Konstantinos PanopoulosIntelligence and resistance movements in the European theater during the WWII: the case of the SOE's greek sector and its action in the East Med regionZ. LialioutiP. Tsakonas, S. Rizas (Academy of Athens)22/11/2022
Georgios SkamantzourasPublic diplomacy and economic reconstruction in early Cold War era: Greece through international exhibitions (1948-1962)Z. LialioutiAnt. Zervaki, Andr. Kakridis (Panteion University)22/11/2022
Alexandros NikolaidesCivil servants’ resource planning and mobility in Public Administration: Factors for effectivenessM.-El. PravitaCh. Chryssanthakis, G. Sotirelis22/11/2022
Georgios - Marios SardelisPassions and emotions as foundations of the civil society: a comparative study of Epicurus and HobbesCh. PlatanakisGr. Molivas, I. Evrigenis (Tufts University)22/11/2022
Andreas PavlopoulosThe minimum wage in Greece: The emergence of a public policy and its challenging instrumentsC. SpanouN. Koutsiaras, M.-El. Pravita05/07/2022
Ioanna VassilopoulouInternational policing and the United Nations: the Greek caseAnt. ZervakiP. Tsakonas, Eir. Cheila (University of Piraeus)07/06/2022
Sofia PilouriPress in the service of Revolution: The multiple functions of the Greek newspapers 1821-1828N. YakovakiD. Dimitropoulos (National Hellenic Research Foundation), G. Koutzakiotis (National Hellenic Research Foundation)07/06/2022
Georgios PapadelosΠολιτικό βιβλίο και Μεταπολίτευση: Η άνοδος και η πτώση των αριστερών εκδόσεωνN. YakovakiP. Panayiotopoulos, Ev. Karamanolakis (Dept of History and Archaeology, NKUA)07/06/2022
Konstantina RokakiThe A.S.E.P. as an institution of transparency, objectivity, and meritocracyM.-El. PravitaCh. Chryssanthakis, M. Lampropoulou21/12/2021
Vasiliki KoumpliEnergy Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Light of EU LawAnt. MetaxasEmm. Doussis, N. Farantouris (University of Piraeus)21/12/2021
Anthoula VrettiThe ideological physiognomy and political characteristics of European conservatism. The case of GreeceF. ChatzistavrouE. Papavlasopoulos (University of Crete), D. Kousouris (University of Vienna)21/12/2021
Antonios GkourliasThe Stilitika episode and the Vote of ConfidenceI. TassopoulosG. Sotirelis, N.-K. Hlepas21/12/2021
Dimitrios KastanosA Comparative Study on Inequality in Emerging EconomiesN. KoutsiarasN. Theocarakis (Dept of Economics, NKUA), Y. Tsirbas19/10/2021
Evangelia SpyratouThe civil liability of the State in cases of damages caused by inescapable natural phenomenaCh. ChryssanthakisG. Giannakourou, N.-K. Hlepas22/06/2021
Marianthi - Taxiarchoula P. ChatzelliCitizens’ access to Primary Health Care Services in island regions – field researchM.-El. PravitaCh. Chryssanthakis, M. Lampropoulou22/06/2021
Paraskevi BazotiThe Intergenerational Social Mobility in the Comparative Political Economy: The Case of EuropeD. KatsikasN. Maravegias, M. Matsaganis (Politecnico di Milano)22/06/2021
Orestis ChatzigiannakisEuropean Governance and the Left-wing government, the case of SYRIZAF. ChatzistavrouG. Moschonas (Panteion University), G. Katsambekis (Loughborough University)22/06/2021
Dafni KaratzaEnvironmental taxation: Administrating carbon tax revenues as a means to enhance social acceptabilityEmm. DoussisPh. Koundouri (Athens University of Economics and Business), A. Papandreou (Dept of Economics, NKUA)22/06/2021