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Department of Political Science and Public Administration

ΔΕΙΤΕ ΣΤΗΝ ΕΝΟΤΗΤΑ: Specialisation Core Courses |Specialisation Elective Courses |


Fall semester

42549ΧDiscourse and Ideology K. Leledakis
42765ΘContemporary Political Theory Ch. Platanakis
42938Modern Greek Political History G. Theodoridis
42961Russian History: From Great Peter to the October Revolution N. Yakovaki

Spring semester

42050Political Culture and Political Socialization L. Rori
42713ΘComparative Politics: Revolution - Parliamentarism - Dictatorship P. Lekkas
42921Rights and Distributive Justice Gr. Molivas
42965Sociology of Greece in Metapolitism Ch. Karakostaki
42977Empirical Research in Comparative Politics Emm. Tsatsanis