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Department of Political Science and Public Administration

ΔΕΙΤΕ ΣΤΗΝ ΕΝΟΤΗΤΑ: Specialisation Core Courses |Specialisation Elective Courses |


Fall semester

42561ΧSpecial Topics of Administrative Science M.-El. Pravita
42722Special Issues in Administrative Law I: Environmental Protection G. Giannakourou
42952Theory of Public Administration C. Spanou
42970Work and Employment Policies V. Lalioti
42975State Intervention and Public Sector M. Lampropoulou

Spring semester

42638ΘAdministrative Law II Ch. Chryssanthakis
42812ΘSpecial Issues in Administrative Law II: Regional and Urban Planning G. Giannakourou
42953Administrative and Government History M.-El. Pravita
42974Special Issues of Public Policy C. Spanou, Ch. Paraskevopoulos
42979Europeanization and Public Policy: Comparative Analysis Ch. Paraskevopoulos