Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Fall semester

42608Comparative Analysis of Administrative Systems D. Tzemopoulou
42616Labour Relations in the Public Sector I: Public Servants Law Ch. Chryssanthakis
42645ΘState and Society Ath. Kolliopoulos
42694ΘSpecial Issues of Labor Law and Employment Relations Ch. Chryssanthakis
42947Financial Crises and the International System K. Papanikolaou

Spring semester

42708Gender, Society and Politics M. Pantelidou-Malouta, D. Tzanaki
42954Human Resources in the Public Sector D. Tzemopoulou
42955Labour Relations in the Public Sector II: Private Law Employment Ch. Chryssanthakis
42956Sociology of the Family P. Panayiotopoulos
42958Democratic Institutions and Education P. Panayiotopoulos, G. Papadopoulou
42959Political History and Verbal History G. Theodoridis
42964Democracy and Polity in Europe D. Chryssochoou
42973Sociology of Risk. The Contemporary Greek Experience Ch. Karakostaki
42976Comparative Social Policy V. Lalioti