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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


The Section of Political Science has offered a post-graduate degree in Political Science and Sociology (M.A.) since 1995. It is a biennial full-time programme and is the only post-graduate degree in these fields offered in Greece. In the first year, there are three compulsory courses (methodology, political theory and either political science or sociology) in addition to three optional courses. In the second year there are only four optional courses and a dissertation which must be submitted by the end of June. The optional courses are selected from a course list which is renewed every year, and, depending on the choices made, lead to a specialization either in political science or sociology. One can specialize in political science, more specifically in the fields of political theory, electoral behaviour, comparative politics and political culture or in sociology where special emphasis is given to the fields of social theory, the sociology of education, employment and culture.

Since the postgraduate programme began, it has been committed to an interdisciplinary approach. Our experience demonstrates that this interaction achieves a balance between specializing in a specific scientific field and obtaining a general and comprehensive approach to issues in the Social Sciences.

Since its initial two-year test period, the programme has continued to offer a high standard of postgraduate studies. It has developed a close collaboration with the Department of Early Childhood Education, in an attempt to reinforce the Sociology branch as well as to enrich the academic staff.. From the beginning, the programme has attracted scholars both from Greek Universities and abroad, and consequently has the capacity to offer a rich academic programme as well as the ability to revitalize it each academic year.

The postgraduate programme attracts a large number of individuals with a variety of degrees in social sciences. Every September a selection process takes place, based - initially - on the data presented by the candidates in their applications and - during a second phase - on interviews conducted with the shortlisted candidates. A small number of students is finally selected - approximately 25 every year - and a few of these receive scholarships. During the two-year programme students are expected to participate actively in the activities of the department, to attend the courses on a regular basis and to take part in the seminars, conferences and workshops organized by the postgraduate committee.

These are often organized in collaboration with the other three postgraduate programmes of the Department of Political Science and Pubic Administration. Their aim is to help students become familiar with topics relevant to the programme's academic interests, while at the same time contributing to the development of academic exchange within Greek society.

The programme is supervised by a five-member committee, made up of three members from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and two members from the Department of Early Childhood Education.

The department also provides a Ph.D. degree programme for those who have successfully accomplished the first phase of their postgraduate studies and wish to continue with research on a specific subject. The Ph.D. degree can be completed in a minimum of three academic years or in a maximum of six.

The Ph.D. students organize their own seminars and participate in the research activities of the department.

More information at the Programme's website (in Greek or in English).