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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Fall (5th-7th) semester

42705The European Policies of the E.U. Member - States, 6 ECTS Instructor: Susannah Verney
42978Governance, Institutions and Trust: the European experience, 6 ECTS Instructors: Calliope Spanou, Ch. I. Paraskevopoulos

Spring (6th-8th) semester

42904The Nation-State and European Integration, 6 ECTS(*)Instructor: Susannah Verney
42906Political History of the U.S.A., 6 ECTS(*)Instructor: Ekavi Athanassopoulou
42969Interest Groups and Lobbying in the European and the International Politics, 6 ECTS Instructor: Filippa Chatzistavrou


Registration with the Department of Political Science and Public Administration requires taking at least 3 of its courses per semester. ERASMUS students can sign on also for courses taught in Greek. In this case they are assigned work and are assessed on an individual basis by the course instructor.

In the case that the students are interested to attend courses taught in Greek, they are required to communicate with the course instructor. Acceptance is not automatic. It depends upon  the instructor's decision.


(*) Not to be offered in the academic year 2023-24.