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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Doctoral Dissertation in progress

"European Governance and the Left-wing government, the case of SYRIZA"

Commencement date: June 22, 2021


The doctoral dissertation focuses on an emerging field of study of sociology. This is the field of European political sociology, which has been developing particularly in Europe for a decade. More specifically, there is a thorough biographical and sociological study of the political staff of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) from 2012 until today. The study of the party phenomenon through its analysis as a ‘field’ according to the sociological theory of Pierre Bourdieu and other scholars on social capital (théorie des champs, field theory) is a remarkable originality in Greek academic research. The basic premise of the work is to assume that EU supranational governance techniques and strategies as they developed during the period of economic crisis and continue to grow, they contributed to the transformation of the party's political staff. The proposed theoretical framework has as its main starting point the hegemonic approach, as it was formed in the context of the Gramsci tradition, but also the current of post- structuralism and the theory of hegemonic discourse. The dissertation aims to produce reliable empirical data that will allow to draw convincing conclusions about the impact of the technocratization of politics on the development and transformation of SYRIZA into a governing party and consequently on the transformation of the European Left.