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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Doctoral Dissertation in progress

«Intelligence and resistance movements in the European theater during the WWII: the case of the SOE's greek sector and its action in the East Med region»

Commencement date: November 22, 2022


The current dissertation examines the existence and actions of the British, Special Operations Executive (SOE) in East Med during the Second World War and the effect it had to the North Africa’s campaign outcome. It will focus on the Greek sector and its actions in Balkans and the East Med area. More particularly the focus of this dissertation will be on how the SOE used to recruit Greek saboteurs and how were they trained, where and how they operated.

The SOE recruited and trained agents all over Europe and Greece was not an exemption to this collective effort of the British War Office to rage an unconventional war to counterbalance the German dominance of the first years of the war. The Greek sector of SOE did not take long to show some impressive results and lay the ground for further operations in the framework of the main Allied war effort which ended up in the preparation and execution of the operation ‘OVERLORD’ on D-Day.