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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Doctoral Dissertation in progress

"The A.S.E.P. as an institution of transparency, objectivity, and meritocracy"

Commencement date: December 21, 2021

Short Description

The study will examine both the institutional guarantees of the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (A.S.E.P.) and the effectiveness of its almost thirty years of operation, especially with regard to the issue of patronage appointments, taking into account the procedures followed before the establishment of the independent authority. It is important to assess the institution's responsibilities and its role in the modernization of the Greek public administration.

More generally, the question arises as to whether the A.S.E.P. has succeeded in successfully serving the purpose for which it was established, ensuring the principles of transparency, publicity, objectivity, and meritocracy in the staffing of public services, or is its operation ultimately deemed inadequate in terms of addressing the phenomenon of clientelism, but also in terms of organizing the most appropriate procedure for the selection of the most suitable persons to fill both low-ranking positions and positions of responsibility in the country's administrative apparatus, in order to improve.

Finally, it will be investigated whether the way in which the A.S.E.P. is constituted and the extent of its powers constitute the necessary safeguards against partisanship in the administration.