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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Doctoral Dissertation in progress

«Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) as a catalyst for the EU to achieve Strategic Autonomy.»

Commencement date: July 12, 2023


In this proposed study it will be demonstrated that the development of specific PESCO programs can act as a catalyst for the EU to achieve Strategic Autonomy, especially in critical defense sectors. At the same time, specific research questions arising from the further analysis of the main working case as well as the contribution of the operational value of the PESCO programs to the strengthening and support of the defense dimensions of the EU's Strategic Autonomy will be thoroughly examined. Furthermore, due to the specialized technological nature of many programs and the specialized military terminology, this PhD dissertation will produce a comprehensive analysis of the PESCO programs and especially of the "strategic" European programs, such as:

  • long-range tactical airlift/increased mobility
  • capability of intelligence gathering, targeting, and reconnaissance (ISTAR/ISR) from both unmanned aircraft and satellite systems
  • air refueling capability (AAR - Air-to-Air Refueling)
  • development of net-centric systems for conducting next-gen warfare operations and dealing with hybrid threats.

Through the proposed study, there will be a recording and evaluation of the operational exploitation and scope of PESCO projects as well as how the projects/actions of PESCO interact and influence the strengthening and achievement of Strategic Autonomy in critical defense sectors. Finally, useful conclusions will be drawn to be used by the diplomatic and military authorities of Greece in order to develop a more effective defense policy and more efficient operational planning of the Armed Forces, in a wider European cooperative framework. The operational analysis of the PESCO defense programs will also provide a clear picture regarding the planning, financing, and participation of the Hellenic Armed Forces in programs of high strategic importance and cutting-edge technological development.