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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Post: Professor

Section: Political Science

Expertise: Political Sociology


Contact information

Office telephone: 210 368 8958

Electronic mail: plekkas[at]pspa.uoa[dot]gr

Office address: 6 Themistokleous Street, 3rd floor, office 21

Office hours: 


Curriculum Vitae

Pantelis Lekkas (a.k.a. Padelis Lekas) holds a BA in Sociology (First Class Honours) from Sussex University (1982), and a PhD from Cambridge University (1986). He was the recipient of a Schilizzi Scholarship (1979-1982) and of a King’s College External Studentship (1982-1985). He has taught at the universities of Thessaloniki (1987-1989 & 2002-2008), Crete (1989-1993), Ionian (1989-1992) and Panteion (1992-2002), and since 2008 he has been teaching at Athens University. He was also Marie Curie Fellow at Warwick University (1996), Senior Visiting Lecturer at Haifa University (2000), Visiting Associate Professor at Cyprus University (2004), and Onassis Senior Visiting Scholar lecturing in  the USA and Canada (2012). He is the author of several articles and of five books. His research interests lie in political sociology, historical sociology, classical and modern social theory, and theories of nationalism.



  1. Michael Oakeshott's 'Tower of Babel': An interpretation of a Philosophical Short Story (in Greek; 2022)
  2. Abstraction and Experience: Toward a Formalist Theory of Ideology (in Greek; 2012).
  3. Playing with Time: Nationalism and Modernity (in Greek; 2001, 2011).
  4. Nationalist Ideology: Five Working Hypotheses in Historical Sociology (in Greek; 1992, 1996, 2006).
  5. Marx on Classical Antiquity: Problems of Historical Methodology (in English; 1988).


Recent Publications

  1. ‘History, Politics and Philosophy in the Work of Michael Oakeshott’, Addendum to the Greek translation of Michael Oakeshott’s Lectures in the History of Political Thought (2020).
  2. "Political Ideologies as Civic Religions", in: I.A.D.Metaxas (ed.), Political Science: an interdisciplinary and critical approach, volume VIII, Athens: I. Sideris (in Greek; 2016).
  3. Abstraction and Experience: Toward a Formalist Theory of Ideology (in Greek; 2012).
  4.  "The War of Greek Independence (1821-1829)", in: Gordon Martel (ed.), The Encyclopedia of War (2011).