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Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Post: Assistant Professor

Section: Political Science

Expertise: Political Theory: Greek and Roman Political Thought


Contact information

Office telephone: 210 368 8960

Electronic mail: cplatanakis[at]pspa.uoa[dot]gr

Office address: 6 Themistokleous Street, 3rd floor, office 16

Office hours: 


Curriculum Vitae

Harry Platanakis holds a B.A. (ptychion) from the Department of Philosophy & Social Studies of the University of Crete and an M.Sc. by Research from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Edinburgh. He wrote his doctoral thesis on ‘The Concept of Equality in Aristotle’s Moral & Political Philosophy’ under the supervision of Prof. Malcolm Schofield at the University of Cambridge with a scholarship from Clare College.

He has taught at the Universities of Cambridge (2005-06), University College London (2006-07), Birkbeck (2007-12) and Koç University (2012-17) before assuming his position as an Assistant Professor of Greek & Roman Political Thought at the Department of Political Science & Public Administration of the University of Athens.

His research interests in political philosophy are both historical (with emphasis on ancient political thought) and systematic (mainly egalitarianism, democratic theory, political authority and disobedience), while he envisages to reveal contributions of the history of philosophy on contemporary philosophical problems and debates. He has presented his work in academic fora in Europe, the USA and the Far East, while his work has been published in English, Greek and Turkish.


Selected publications

  1. ‘Aristotelian Penalties: action-centred rectification and character-centred punishment’ History of Political Thought 38.1 (2017): 1-24
  2. ‘Ancient Political Philosophy’ in G. Karamanolis (ed.) Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (Heraklion: Crete University Press 2017): 419-447
  3. ‘Aristotle on Political Participation’ in P. M. Kitromilides (ed.) Athenian Legacies: European debates on citizenship (Firenze: Leo S. Olschki 2014): 135-155
  4. ‘The Necessity of Aristotelian Friends’ Cogito 77 (2014): 275-289
  5. ‘Is a Philosophical Justification of Human Rights Possible?’ Cogito 74 (2013): 80-88
  6. Greek Philosophy: Aristotle (London: University of London International Programmes 2012)
  7. ‘Aristotle on the Posthumous Happiness’ Deukalion 28.2 (2011): 35-49
  8. ‘Happiness’ in M. Bever (ed.) Encyclopedia of Political Theory 2 (London: SAGE 2010): 594-597