Conference EUropa.S. 2023

We are very happy and proud to finally announce the official opening of the applications for all the positions available at the Conference EUropa.S. 2023!

EUropa.S. 2023 is the 12th edition of the biggest Conference simulating the European Institutions in Greece and the Balkans, organized by the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs – I.R.T.E.A. EUropa.S. essentially gives young people aged 18 – 25, the chance to “get in the shoes” of European policy makers in the EU institutions, Heads of States and Governments, Ministers, Commissioners, Members of the Parliament, Judges, Advocates and Defendants, as well as supportive roles, like Journalists, Staff Members and Crisis Members!

The goal of this Simulation is to help young people gain knowledge on European affairs, the role, function and structure of the European Union and its institutions, along with advancing and developing their skills and competencies on debating, negotiating, and expressing their arguments in the framework of decision-making at a European level.

After the great implementation of EUropa.S. 2022, last year as a Project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme on Youth by the European Union via the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM), we wish for this year’s Conference to have the same and a greater impact in the interest and engagement of young people in European Affairs and the relevant democratic procedures!

This year’s Agenda includes a variety of very important topics and issues that are interconnected with main policies of the European Union and developments within and outside of the European structure. Find out more about this year’s Agenda here.

Apply now and let your voice be heard!

Apply now and get your position in one of our committees and supportive groups and participate as a Member of the European Parliament, a Commissioner, the Head of a State or Government, a Minister at the Council of the European Union (COMPET Configuration), a Judge an Advocate or a Defendant and finally, a Crisis Member, a journalist or a Staff Member!

Fill out the forms based on your application preference here:

  1. General Applications for General Participants for EUropa.S. 2023 here
  2. Crisis Applications for Crisis Team Members here
  3. Journalists Applications for Journalist Team Members here
  4. Staff Applications for Staff Members here

Stay tuned in our social media for updates and more information on EUropa.S. 2023!

EUropa Simulation – EUropa.S. 2023

07th – 10th April 2023, Athens, Greece

Website: e-mail: europas.irtea[at]gmail[dot]com

A Project by the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs – I.R.T.E.A.

Favierou 39, Athens, 104 38