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Specialisation Elective Courses

Fall semester

42050 Political Culture and Political Socialization the e-class of the course   M. Pantelidou-Malouta
42620 Communication and Power     K. Doxiadis
42765Θ Modern Political Theory the e-class of the course   Ch. Lyrintzis, A.-A. Kyrtsis
42938 Modern Greek Political History     G. Theodoridis
42946 Political Sociology and Political Psychology: Μachiavelli and Tocqueville     A.-A. Kyrtsis
42937 Thucydides   (*) to be announced
42943 Critical Approach of the Political Sociology of M. Weber, C. Schmitt and H. Arendt   (*) A.-A. Kyrtsis

Spring semester

42549Χ Discourse and Ideology     K. Doxiadis
42605 Political Analysis and Feminist Theory the e-class of the course   M. Pantelidou-Malouta
42713Θ Comparative Politics: Revolution - Parliamentarism - Dictatorship the e-class of the course   P. Lekkas
42950 Theory of Social and Political Networks     A.-A. Kyrtsis
42961 Russian History: From Great Peter to the October Revolution     N. Yakovaki
42645Θ State and Society   (*) P. Panayiotopoulos
42935 Political Economy and Political Sociology: Keynes and Schumpeter   (*) A.-A. Kyrtsis
42939 Critical Theory the e-class of the course (*) G. Kouzelis
42951 Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy   (*) A.-A. Kyrtsis
42958 Democratic Culture and Citezenship   (*) G. Kouzelis, G. Papadopoulou


(*) Not to be offered in the academic year 2017-18.