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Spring Semester Courses

42061 Greece in the E.U.: Political Aspects the e-class of the course   P. Ioakimidis
42659 Epistemology the e-class of the course   S. Kaltsas
42690 International Conflict Management the e-class of the course   A. Zervaki
42921 Rights and Distributive Justice the e-class of the course   G. Molivas
42924 New Forms of Governance in Greece and the E.U.     M. Lampropoulou
42954 Human Resources in the Public Sector the e-class of the course   C. Spanou
42955 Labour Relations in the Public Sector II: Private Law Employment     A. Mitropoulos, C. Golomazou-Papas
42959 Political History and Verbal History     G. Theodoridis
42962 Special Issues in Political Sociology     C. Eleftheriou
42964 Democracy and Polity in Europe     D. Chryssochoou
42614 Employment and New Technologies   (*) Ch. Chryssanthakis, C. Golomazou-Papas
42634 Special Issues in International Relations   (*) to be announced
42691 Contemporary Issues in Greek Foreign Policy   (*) to be announced
42698 Information Systems and Social Databases the e-class of the course (*) to be announced
42923 Economic Theory of Politics   (*) to be announced
42932 Greek Elections History, 1844-2004   (*) to be announced
42940 Montesquieu   (*) to be announced
42942 Athens in the 5th century: Poetry, Philosophy, Politics   (*) to be announced
42944 Theories of Rational Choice the e-class of the course (*) Y. Tsirbas
42945 American Democracy the e-class of the course (*) to be announced
42956 Family Sociology   (*) P. Panayiotopoulos
42957 Social Modernization and Political Competition in Greece at the Political Changeover   (*) P. Panayiotopoulos


(*) Not to be offered in the academic year 2018-19.