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42529Β - Political Economy I: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

The course aims at discussing the basic macroeconomic issues, their exact choice and analysis being adjusted to the needs (and to the programme of studies) of students of political science. Attention is paid, in particular, to the main concepts and the analytical methods pertaining to the study of the aggregate economy, and explanations are sought in regard to the evolution and movement of macroeconomic variables as well as to their relevance for social welfare. Focus is, thus, placed on national accounting, economic growth, labour markets and unemployment, money and finance, inflation and deflation, macroeconomic disturbances and business cycles, monetary and fiscal policy and international macroeconomics, whilst reference is also made to the major theoretical and macroeconomic policy debates. Empirical examples are, primarily, drawn from the European macroeconomic and policy experience.

(Two 2-hour lectures/week plus a 2-hour tutorial/week).


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