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Exams and term paper submission of the course 42705 - THE EUROPEAN POLICIES OF THE E.U. MEMBER-STATES - CORRECTED

Exam period: January-February 2018

When: *Monday 12 February 2018, 10.00 a.m.*

Where: In Professor Verney’s office (office 30, 4th floor, Themistokleous 6)

How: The examination will take the form of an oral defence of the student’s term paper

The right to participate in the examination is limited to those students who have: a)  made an oral presentation in class during the current semester (or during a previous academic year) and b) submitted their term paper by the final deadline: *Friday 19 January 2018 at 14.00 hours*

The term paper should be submitted in both electronic and paper copies.

Students may submit their term papers and choose to be examined in either English or Greek.

Students are reminded that the final grade will be based on: the written term paper, the in-class oral presentation, active in-class participation, final oral examination. (For more information, see ‘1. General Information about the Course → Rules of the Course’ on the e-class).

The term paper

Reminder: Please see ‘Information about the Essay’ on the e-class for instructions about the thematic content, the structure, sources of information for your research and the technical instructions on how to make the bibliography.

Submission of the term paper

  • The electronic version of the term paper should be sent as a Word document by e-mail attachment to deplan[at]otenet[dot]gr
  • The printed version of the term paper should be left in my mailbox (ground floor, Themistokleous 6)
  • The deadline (*Friday 19 January at 14.00 hours) applies for both the electronic and the printed versions of the term paper