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Cullen International - Abigail Browne fellowship

Cullen International announces a new fellowship in memory of Abigail Browne (1976-2015). The fellowship remembers Abigail's life and recognises her work in the field of communications regulation, which had a particular focus on European countries outside the EU.

The successful candidate will receive a fellowship of €4.5K and be given the opportunity to work at Cullen International’s offices in Brussels for three months, with access to our extensive database of regulatory research. Travel and accommodation expenses will also be covered, in the amount of up to €3K.

The aim of the fellowship is to promote the exchange of perspectives and best practices in the field of communications regulation among European states, including building on the EU’s common regulatory framework for electronic communications. Candidates are therefore invited to submit their ideas for a research project to improve the understanding of communications regulation, contributing to the more efficient or effective regulation of the sector and/or the sharing of best practice. At the end of the fellowship period, the successful candidate would be expected to present his/her research findings to an invited audience of regulatory experts.

The selection committee comprised of members of the Cullen International leadership team will make a decision regarding the successful candidate on the basis of written applications and subsequent oral presentations in the case of shortlisted candidates.

Cullen International is a Brussels-based independent regulatory intelligence provider covering telecoms, media, digital economy, postal regulation and competition law across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. For thirty years already, we have been ensuring the delivery of comprehensive, neutral, unbiased and timely information that is trusted by over 180 key market players and public organisations from over 60 countries. We are widely recognised as the leading regulatory intelligence provider in the field. 

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