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Section of Administrative Science and Public Law

Charalambos Chryssanthakis
Administrative Law - Administrative Institutions
Antonis Makridimitris
Administrative Science
Calliope Spanou
Administrative Science: Public Administration and organisation
Georgios Sotirelis (1)
Constitutional Law
Ioannis A. Tassopoulos
Public Law
John N. Yfantopoulos
Social Policy and Administration


Associate Professors:
Georgia Giannakourou
Planning and Environmental Institutions and Policies
Nikolaos-Komninos Hlepas
Regional Administration and Local Government


Assistant Professors:
Charalampos Koutalakis (2)
Administrative Science
Alexios Mitropoulos
Labour Institutions


Maria-Eliana Pravita
Administrative Science


Research Fellow:
Calliope Golomazou-Papas


(1) On sabbatical leave of absence for the academic year 2016-17
(2) On sabbatical leave of absence for the academic year 2016-17